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Google Ads Budget Template

Here’s a template you can use to create a Google Ads budget:

  1. Overall marketing budget: [Insert amount here]
  2. Advertising goals: [Insert advertising goals here]
  3. Keyword research: [Insert list of keywords here]
  4. Average cost per click (CPC): [Insert average CPC here]
  5. Estimated click-through rate (CTR): [Insert estimated CTR here]
  6. Estimated monthly impressions: [Insert estimated monthly impressions here]

Using the above information, you can calculate your monthly budget using the following formula:

Monthly budget = (Estimated monthly clicks) x (Average CPC)

To calculate estimated monthly clicks, use the following formula:

Estimated monthly clicks = (Estimated monthly impressions) x (Estimated CTR)

For example, let’s say your advertising goal is to generate 500 clicks per month, and your average CPC is $2.00. Using the formula above, you can calculate your monthly budget as follows:

Monthly budget = (500 clicks) x ($2.00 per click) = $1,000 per month

Of course, your actual budget may be higher or lower depending on your specific goals and circumstances. Be sure to monitor your campaigns regularly and adjust your budget as needed to achieve your desired results.

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