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11 Best Japanese Boys Love Movies and Dramas Having the Highest Global Ratings

It is not only mind-boggling manga or breathtaking animes for which the Japanese entertainment industry has been recognized so far. Yes, mangas and animes are awesome, but now, there is a whole new genre that has changed the bar to the next level. These entertainment pockets are no other than humorously rich, densely plot-enriched Japanese BL shows.

Japanese BL dramas are one of the most intriguing yet interesting genres one could watch to have nice pastimes. These Dramas and movies are quite engaging and never fail to leave their viewers awestruck to the core.

For those unfamiliar, BL dramas are nothing but movies or series that focuses on two males as each other’s love interests. BL stands for “Boys Love” and is quite a popular genre to watch when bored.

Thousands of BL dramas have succeeded in leaving a mark among their viewers with a wonderful execution of screenplay and good storylines. This genre is an absolute must-watch, so here are a few Japanese BL dramas and movies to watch that everyone finds worthy of laying their eyes upon. They are in a league of their own and very non-missable because if you have yet to watch any, you are surely missing out on a lot.

Japanese BL dramas with the Highest Global Ratings

1. His – I Didn’t Think I Would Fall In Love

  • Directed By: Rikiya Imaizumi
  • Written By: Atsushi Asada
  • Cast: Kusakawa, Yuki Kura, Sara Shida and Aino Kuribayashi
  • Genre: Bl Drama, Romance, Life
  • Release year: 2019
  • No. of Episodes:
  • IMDb rating: 7.5/10

A fun-loving, light-hearted TV mini-series that could be enjoyed adequately throughout its course. His- I Didn’t Think I would Fall in Love is the story of a 17-year-old high schooler, yet loner Nagisa Hibino, living nearby the seaside of Fujisawa in Kanagawa. His interests in life include surfing, eventually making him meet his love interest Shun. The story follows a beautiful take on how both boys change their lives due to the bittersweet aspects of love.

For a good go-through of this bl series, you can watch this on youtube

2. My Love Mix-Up!

  • Directed by: Shōgo Kusano, Tadaaki Hōrai
  • Written by: Tsutomu Kuroiwa
  • Cast: Shunsuke Michieda, Meguro Ren
  • Genre: Bl, Comedy
  • Release Year: 2021
  • No. of Episodes: 10
  • IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

My Love Mix Up is a comedic take on taking on BL dramas focusing on an inter-twistable love triangle. It is hilarious and relatable, having high school elements such as crushes we all must have faced once in life.

The story is about how Sota Aoki finds himself stuck in a hilarious situation powered by misunderstandings as the girl he has a crush on finds herself crushing on another boy. With too much suspense, it turns out that the boy has a crush on Aoki! Watch to find out what the story beholds in itself, and be ready for some serious laughs.

See a cute sneak peek of the bl series here

3. Fujoshi, Ukkari Gei ni Kokuru

  • Directed By: Makoto Bonkobara, Akiko Ueda, Yusuke Noda
  • Written By: Naoyuki Miura
  • Cast: Daichi Kaneko, Ryôko Fujino
  • Genre: BL, Life
  • Release year: 2019
  • No. of Episodes: 8
  • IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

18-year-old high schooler Jun can not keep up that he is gay in front of the whole world. All that in his life changes when he becomes close to Miura, a Bl stories enthusiast. This BL drama is a sweet story of blooming love and deep introspection of sexuality which is a must-watch.

See the preview of this stunning drama here:

4. Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard

  • Directed by: Hiroki Kazama, Hiroaki Yuasa, Masataka Hayashi
  • Written by: Satoko Okazaki
  • Cast: Eiji Akaso, Keita Machida, Ryo Sato
  • Genre: Bl
  • Release Year: 2020
  • No. of Episodes: 12
  • IMDb Rating: 8.3/10

What could being a virgin till you’re 30 make you acquire? Well, this Tv series has depicted exactly that, a 30-year-old yet virgin Adachi Kiyoshi gaining the magical power of having the ability to read other people’s minds what he finds himself now capable of doing, and thanks to that, he learns that Kurosawa Yuichi, a boy has romantic feelings for him. You get to see further how this drama takes a fast pace and how Kiyoshi uses his abilities.

Watch the first episode here

5. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss

  • Directed By: Yoshino Mamoru
  • Written By: Kanasugi Hiroko
  • Cast: Ryosuke Sota, Yusuke Sato, Asaya Bhandari
  • Genre: Bl Drama, Comedy, Life
  • Release year: 2022
  • No. of Episodes: 8
  • IMDb Ratings: 7.6/10

Kouta Fukuhara is a person of bad luck, which often acts as a hindrance to his school. But what could possibly happen if this happy-go-unlucky Fukuhara bumps into a beautiful man with the luck of a great deal? This drama is one of Japan’s most popular and amazing dramas with fun elements.

Here is the preview of the first episode

6. The Novelist

  • Directed By: Koichiro Miki
  • Written By: Koichiro Miki
  • Cast: Takezai Terunosuke, Izuka Kenta
  • Genre: BL drama, Romance
  • Release Year: 2018
  • No. of Episodes: 6
  • IMDb Rating: 7/10

The Novelist is a story of a university student whose fate lands him in a situation of helping out a writer named Kijima Rio to write his erotic stories. But as they go further with their work, a passionate relationship blossoms between the two with the plot’s thickening.

Look what the drama is all about here

7. Mood Indigo

  • Director: Miki Koichiro
  • Written by: Miki Koichiro
  • Cast: Takezai Terunosuke, Yoshida Munehiro,Oishi Goro, Yamanaka
  • Genre: Psychological, Romance, Life, Drama
  • Release Year: 2019
  • No. of Episodes: 6
  • IMDb Ratings: 7.5/10

Mood Indigo is a brilliant drama with an extraordinary story. It is about a fateful reunion, a lasting vendetta. Two former envying humans reunite to write erotica novels. With their upgoing sensuality and thrill, the two garner a passion never to be heard of.

Here is a cute edit of the show

Japanese BL movies with the highest global ratings

The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese

  • Directed by : Yukisada Isao
  • written by: Horiizumi Anne
  • Cast: Okura Tadayoshi, Narita Ryo, Yoshida Shiori
  • Genre: Romance, Life, Drama
  • Release Year: 2020
  • Duration: 2 hr. 10 min.
  • IMDb Rating: 6.7/10

For all the BL fans out there, The cornered mouse dreams of cheese are such an addition to the BL world that it has taken the bar graph for entertainment in Japanese BL to the next level. It is a tale of love, deception, and emotions. An indecisive Otomo Kyoichi cannot help but cheat on his wife, all because of which his wife sends a spy to keep the order of her unfaithful husband. But things turn different when this workaholic spy makes an unusual deal with his client’s husband.

To know more about this movie, you can check out the link below, and also make sure to keep an eye on what netizens have got to say!

Love Place: Shiawase no Katachi

  • Directed by:
  • Written by:
  • Cast: Saito Yasuka, Arai Yusuke 
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Release year: 2013
  • Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • MyDramaList Rating: 7.2/10

A sweet story of jealousy and misunderstanding that leaves you stuck in various thoughts for a while. Love place chronicles the whereabouts of two men in love and the bittersweet feeling of jealousy of a brother towards his sister as he thinks his better half has eyes on her.

To watch the movie for free, checkout

Does the Flower Bloom?

  • Directed by: Kaori Tanimoto
  • Written by: Natsuko Takahashi
  • Cast: Tsurugi Watanabe, Kousei Amano 
  • Genre: Romance 
  • Release year: 2018
  • Duration: 1 hr. 28 min
  • IMDb Rating: 5.7/10

A 37-year-old Kazuaki Sakurai is head over heels for 19-year-old Yoichi Mizukawa, whose aspirations in life only consist of painting. But, as the two men finally develop their feelings and come closer, separation awaits them. Will the flower of their love bloom? You can only watch to find out.

Have a look at the most loved moments of this movie here

Words of Devotion

  • Directed By: Satoshi Kaneda
  • Written By: Yokota Rie
  • Cast: Tokuyama Hidenori, Saito Yasuka, Matsuoka Rinako
  • Genre: Romance 
  • Release year: 2008
  • Duration: 1 hr 12 min 
  • IMDb Rating: 6.2/10

Adapted from a manga of the same name, this bl movie features Ootani and Tachibana, two high school sweethearts now setting foot in college. All seems to go well for these love birds until a previous class ally makes her way into their life. As this girl has a crush on Tachibana, tensions arise between Ootani and him, not for good. 

Here is where you can watch the movie for free



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